Things to Do on Mayaguana Bahamas

Pirate's Well, Mayaguana, Bahamas

Situated in the eastern Bahamas, Mayaguana is one of the most pristine and unexplored premier island-hopping destinations of the Bahamas Out Islands. For most travelers, a Bahamas vacation is not complete without hopping on a boat and exploring the unspoiled beauty of the Bahamas Out Islands. Travelers who yearn for a tranquil spot in the Bahamas, one where they can take in nature at its most untouched beauty, will find in Mayaguana an island that does not disappoint.

Aside from the usual basking in the sun on any of Mayaguana’s secluded beaches, a wide array of activities awaits the nature-loving Bahamas traveler. Here are the top things to do on Mayaguana Bahamas:



Either by wading through shallow waters or by hopping on a canoe, this fishing island in the Bahamas will enthrall fly fishing anglers of different skill levels and from different parts of the world. With temperate waters and offshore reefs lying close by, Mayaguana provides a desirable environment for several kinds of fish to thrive in. This ideal environment has made the island home to some of the best spots for deep-sea and shallow-water fishing expeditions in the Bahamas. Some fishing magazines have even named Mayaguana as one of the best fishing spots in the world.

If you’ve never gone fishing but you want to try it, Mayaguana is the best place to start. With its great abundance of large bonefish, barracuda, triggerfish, puffer fish, grouper, blue boxfish, and jacks, your chances of catching a fish are extremely high.


Snorkeling, Diving, and Boating

Because Mayaguana is off the beaten track for most travelers, its waters and reefs have remained untouched for many generations. Divers and snorkelers will be captivated by the island’s reefs and bays, which have become pristine shelters for healthy and thriving marine life.

Regardless of wind direction and at almost any time of the year, Mayaguana offers an amazing snorkeling experience for both adults and children alike.  Mayaguana’s Northwest Point and Pirate’s Well beaches tempt snorkelers with its plentiful corals, starfish and sand dollars waiting to be viewed close to the beach. These make this Bahamas island an amazing snorkeling destination even for young ones or inexperienced swimmers. In addition, a boat or canoe tour to the island’s northern beach offers a glimpse of Curtis Creek, the island’s natural aquarium and habitat for fish and green turtles.


Bird Watching

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of Mayaguana is its bird diversity. The island is home to approximately 118 species of birds, a real heaven for birdwatchers and those who simply want to see an assortment of wild birds. Book a tour with a local bird watching guide and scour Mayaguana’s matted bushes and brushwood; home to all sorts of hummingbirds, kestrels, herons, warblers, oystercatchers, ospreys, and flamingos. With an assortment of migrating and resident bird species, Mayaguana is truly a birder’s paradise.


Land Tours

Visitors to Mayaguana who want a break from their sea escapades and the island’s sandy shores may opt for a laid-back adventure around the island’s three settlements. A walk through the island’s historical areas will bring travelers to Baptist churches built at the turn of the century, places where pirates meandered in the past, old water wells and homesteads built and used by locals of a time gone by, and even a former U.S. military base and tracking post built in the 1950s.

Often a tour of the island simply means an undulating stroll set at one’s own pace, but the island’s tourism office can also arrange guided tours for visitors who have specific interests such as spelunking at the Northern Beach or paying a visit to exotic iguanas and wild goats at Boobie Cay and Abraham’s Bay.



A Bahamas vacation is incomplete without tasting the local cuisine that derives heavily from the islands’ abundant marine life. Mayaguana’s local cuisine does not disappoint an island trekker’s expectations of hearty seafood dishes and exquisite Creole sauces mixed together to satisfy a hungry island wanderer.

Mayaguana’s native cuisine features a sampling of dishes made from what the locals call “land crabs.” These crabs are prepared as dumplings, boiled, or cooked in a soup-based dish and then served with rice or grits. Local cuisine also features a variety of conch preparations. Whether served as salads, cracked fresh, steamed, engulfed in thick chowder, or cooked in Creole sauce, a dish of conch is usually at the centerpiece of dining on the island. It doesn’t matter if you visit the island’s famous Baycaner Hotel Restaurant or sampled dishes in one of the quaint restaurants that dot the island, dining in Mayaguana is an experience in itself for travelers who want to whet their appetite.


In Mayaguana, visitors will can expect to relish much more than just basking in the sun and soaking in the quiet calm of a Bahamas island.

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