Top 5 Bahamas Outdoor Activities for the Family

Outdoor Activities for the Family in the Bahamas

Head to the Bahamas and give your family the vacation of a lifetime! Kick up your heels and have fun playing in the cool waters of the Bahamas. Sunbathe under the smiling warm sun on the pink or white sands of the islands in the Bahamas. Have lots of fun playing inland and water sports with your kids. Do these, and your Bahamas vacation will most probably be the best holiday you and the rest of your family have ever had.

Because there are numerous activities in the Bahamas that you can do with each member of your family, you should make some plans and organize your trip before you get too excited and hop on a ship or board a plane. You can thereby make sure that you get the most out of your money from your Bahamas vacation.

You should not waste your money by just staying inside your hotel, unless of course you’re honeymooners. When you are in the Bahamas with your family, you should grab this opportunity to form a stronger relationship by doing outdoor activities in the Bahamas.


5 Most Popular and Unique Family Outdoor Activities in the Bahamas

1. Enjoy Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island

Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas

Do you have young daughters who like pink stuff and building sandcastles? Then, give them this rare experience of being able to run around and build pink sandcastles made of pink sand. Yep, the sand here is pink; and the beach stretches for 3.5 miles. Pink Sand Beach’s pristine waters are often amazingly calm; thus, taking a dip with your young kids will be relaxing, fun, and safe. You can also snorkel and try to find Nemo with your little mermaids or just explore the beauty of the marine life found within the cool waters.


2. Experience adventure at Aquaventure on Paradise Island

Aquaventure in Atlantis Bahamas

Kids (and those who are kids at heart) will definitely be enthralled by Aquaventure – the water park of Atlantis on Paradise Island. This Atlantis adventure-themed water park has water and river slides, swimming pools, and a rock climbing facility.

Aquaventure has more than 18 water slides, 11 pools, 20 swimming sections, and 2 river rides that offer different levels of excitement. Guests who have booked accommodations in Atlantis get to enter and try out all the slides and rock climb in Aquaventure free of charge. Non-hotel guests may enter for a fee.


3. Join the Junkanoo Festival

Junkanoo Festival in the Bahamas

If you’re in the Bahamas around Christmas time, don’t leave without experiencing Junkanoo. It is an important Bahamian festival that is celebrated twice a year – the day after Christmas and on New Year’s Day – with extravagant parades. The music, the whistles and drums, and most especially the costumes will get you in a festive mood.

During this festival, visitors should check out the Educulture Mini Junkanoo Museum in Nassau. There, they will learn historical facts about the festival, see samples of Junkanoo costumes, learn how the costumes are made, try on some of the costumes, and even sample some Bahamian drinks and food.


4. Get up close and personal  with the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island

Dolphin Encounter in the Bahamas

If you are planning a Bahamas vacation, do not let this particular experience slip out of your hands.  Aside from teaching guests about dolphins, the professional trainers will also let your family experience the thrill of swimming and playing with the dolphins, communicating with them through gestures, kissing, feeding, and even touching them!  Sea lions may also come up close to you.  You can experience this on Blue Lagoon Island as long as you are not hydrophobic or below 4 years old.

Your Blue Lagoon Island excursion starts off with a restful and scenic ride onboard a two-decker catamaran for about 20 minutes. Watch out for historical landmarks of Nassau, luxurious Paradise Island homes, and expensive yachts during your trip to the island.


5. Sign-up for a Grand Bahama Island Jeep Safari Tour

Grand Bahama Island Jeep Safari Tour

This Jeep Safari tour is a must-do for families who are animal lovers and off-road driving enthusiasts. Tourists may drive their own jeep (in a convoy with an expert guide) and navigate off road. In this Safari tour, they will discover the lush forests and vegetation of GrandBahama Island. They will also be astonished by the exotic creatures that can only be seen on tropical islands.


Be sure to explore one or all of the previously mentioned popular and unique family outdoor activities in the Bahamas for a truly memorable family holiday in the islands.

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