Top 5 Restaurants on Cat Island Bahamas

Snapper with Pigeon Peas and Grits on Cat Island Bahamas

One of the things people look forward to when going on a vacation is the food, and a great Bahamas vacation is no exception. It definitely would not be complete without exploring the best Bahamas restaurants! More specifically, you can find some of the best Bahamas restaurants on Cat Island Bahamas.

Food on Cat Island Bahamas

Going on a food trip is a treat here as you can gorge on a wide variety of food. Start your meals with pea-, corn-, okra-, or cassava-based soup. For the main course, you can have fish (crawfish, red snapper, yellow tail, etc.) that’s stewed, boiled, fried, or even corned. You can pair that with different side dishes made from conch: dried conch, conch salad, cracked conch, or conch fritters. To wash down what you’ve eaten, you can drink different tropical drinks or some “switcha,” which is a mix of water, sugar, and lemon with ice. Desserts are usually coconut based. Come snack time, you can munch on crab and grits, crab and dough, or cassava chips partnered with corn tea. And to complete your dining experience on Cat Island Bahamas, make sure to have some alcoholic drink mixes!

However, if you would like to have a more focused dining experience, you can try one or more of the island’s best restaurants:


Shannas Cove Restaurant

Pizza at Shanna's Cove on Cat Island Bahamas

Ranked as the top Cat Island Bahamas restaurant on, “beyond excellent” sums up the dining experience one can expect in Shanna’s Cove restaurant. Aside from its accommodation, services, and amenities, the resort features an on-site restaurant that offers a mix of exceptional international and local exotic dishes, plus exciting cocktails. Feast on their famous pizzas, nicoise, crab cake salad, and vodka with Tabasco. The excellent fare along with a great view and the wondrous Bahamian air will guarantee that you will have a truly enjoyable meal. No wonder many deem Shanna’s Cove as one of the best resorts on Cat Island.


Da Smoke Pot

Da Smoke Pot on Cat Island Bahamas

Another well-known restaurant on Cat Island Bahamas is Da Smoke Pot. Have a relaxing dining experience while you listen to some Bahamian songs like rake and scrape music performed by musicians on the restaurant’s porch. Dining and listening are not the only things you can do here either. You are also encouraged to get up and dance! Recommended dishes and drinks include ribs, lobster, fish, wicked Bahama Mamas, sweet and sour conch, sweet and sour shrimp, and rum punch. Aside from those, the owner memorizes the diners’ names, adding a personal touch to an already awesome dining experience.  You’re sure to have a smoking great time and a priceless experience at Da Smoke Pot!


Yardie’s Restaurant, Bar, and Conch Stand

Conch Salad from Yardie's Cat Island Bahamas

True to its name, this restaurant boasts of the best conch salad on Cat Island Bahamas. The salad is spicy and freshly made, ideally paired with another crowd favourite at Yardie’s – the Jamaican jerk chicken. Diners also rave about the ribs, curried mutton, macaroni and cheese, fried red snapper, and other seafood and local dishes. Yardie’s is also a great go-to place if you need to buy water and other basic vacation necessities that you might not have included in your luggage.


Halvorson House Restaurant

If you’re vacationing with your family or a large group, Halvorson House Restaurant is the best restaurant to dine in. Enjoy a buffet breakfast with American favorites such as omelette, bacon, pancakes, etc. plus a host of local dishes. Lunch usually consists of light dishes like quesadillas, salads, sandwiches, and the like. For dinner, feast on seafood, steaks, and pizza then cap the night off with some complimentary coffee. For vegans, you guys need not worry about eating here because vegetarian meals can be prepared.


Sammy T’s Restaurant and Bar

Sammy T's Grouper Fingers and Fries on Cat Island Bahamas

Rounding up the top five restaurants is Sammy T’s Restaurant and Bar. From breakfast until dinner, you’re sure to have an enjoyable time here with their good service and even better food. Breakfast is mostly all about Bahamian cuisine that includes fresh fruits and juices. Begin lunch with different appetizers like conch chowder and conch fritters, then have your fill of grilled food for lunch: burgers, conch, or fish. Pair them with fresh salads that have Sammy T’s secret dressing. Cap off the day with a sumptuous dinner such as pigeon peace and rice, crab rice with conch, lobsters, and many more.


Overall, your Bahamas vacation would not be complete without exploring the different restaurants on Cat Island Bahamas.  Plan your stay well and make sure to try out their wide array of specialties from breakfast to dinner and everything in between.

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