Where to Stay on Acklins & Crooked Island in the Bahamas

Beach on Crooked Island, Bahamas

Acklins & Crooked Island in the Bahamas may be considered secluded, but there is no shortage of accommodations for those who choose the islands less traveled. The Bahamas resorts in this area are relatively simple and understated, but most of them offer all of the basic amenities for the convenience of their guests. Here are some of the choices that give good value and possess a little extra island charm to make your Bahamas vacation a truly memorable one.

Chester’s Highway Inn Bone Fish Lodge

Chester's Highway Inn Bone Fish Lodge on Acklin Island, Bahamas

One of the best activities to engage in on Acklins & Crooked Island in the Bahamas is bone fishing, and Chester’s Highway Inn is a great place to stay at if that’s something you enjoy. Strategically situated close to one of the best bone fishing spots in the area, it makes this famous activity even more accessible than it already is on these islands. Furthermore, it is not too far from Atwood Harbour, so grab your camera and snap a few photos for posterity.

Of course, accommodations are of primary importance for an inn, and this one has enough space to house twenty people. Units are comfortable and have their own bathrooms. Guests can also enjoy access to hot and cold water, entertainment via satellite television, ventilation via ceiling fans or air-conditioning, two beds, a sofa, and an alarm clock, among others. Island living on this Bahamas resort may be simple, but it is definitely cozy! In addition, if you are looking forward to some adventures, you can simply coordinate with the inn staff and they can give you loads of useful information on all the fun outdoor activities you can do in the Bahamas.


Crooked Island Lodge at Pittstown Point

Beach Hut at Crooked Island Lodge, Bahamas Out Islands

If you’re looking for even more seclusion on these islands, then the Crooked Islands Lodge, which is located on the northwestern end of the island it was named after, is the best option for you. In fact, it was initially known only to those who would come in on their own planes. After all, this Bahamas resort features an exclusive landing strip. Crooked Island Lodge features simple accommodations, and some of the rooms do not have air conditioning. You will also have to remember that the rooms do not come with their own phone lines either. This makes it the perfect location for those who want their Bahamas vacation to be as calm and disconnected from urban living as possible.

The stunning landscape and sea views also make this resort an ideal location. It’s a good idea to make bookings in advance, because while it is indeed secluded, you will want to make sure you get one of the 12 rooms offered. If you need to get connected, you can avail of the wi-fi service in the main lobby.


Casuarinas Villas on Crooked Island

Casuarinas Villas on Crooked Island, Bahamas

If you are looking for something very simple which has all the necessities for your Bahamas vacation without the fuss, the Casuarinas Villas is a good choice. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a television set, and a kitchen. With a beautiful beach about a half mile long, you will certainly want to spend as much of your time enjoying your surroundings. You can also lounge about on the decks. As with most resorts in the Bahamas, you just have to let the staff know if you’re in the mood for an adventure, and they can arrange a diving or snorkeling trip for you. While you will be able to cook in your unit, you also have the option of ordering dinner and having it delivered to your room.


Tranquillity on the Bay

Tranquillity on the Bay Resort on Crooked Island, Bahamas

If you want your stay on Acklins & Crooked Island to be a notch above the rest, Tranquillity on the Bay comes well-recommended. Aside from the spacious and comfortable living areas, you can also enjoy conveniences such as Internet access in the main common area and assistance with travel arrangements. The beach in this area is very calm and quiet, so you can take as much time as you want to truly relax and unwind. The one thing that sets it on a higher level over many other resorts in the Bahamas is the excellent and thoughtful service offered by the warm staff.


Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn

Grey's Point Bonefish Inn on Acklins Island, Bahamas

Another well-known Bahamas resort for fishing aficionados is Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn, and for good reason. Its location makes the fishing flats very accessible. In fact, you can’t get any closer because it’s right in the middle of a fishing area!

Guests may ask to be picked up from the airport by no less than the owner himself, and each of the rooms has two double beds, as well as basic modern amenities such as a bathroom, an air conditioner, satellite television, and a refrigerator, among others. Since the place only accommodates a maximum of 12 guests at a time, you can be sure to get all the care and attention you need. After a day filled with fun and adventure, make sure you stop by for a hearty Bahamian meal prepared by Shirley Williamson.


The accommodations on Acklins and Crooked Island offer a taste of authentic island life but they need to cater to small groups to ensure a personalized and enjoyable experience for all their guests. It is thus important to book them early, before you go on your Bahamas trip.



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